West Highland White Terrier Club of America

WHWTCA Spotlight on Performance - Summer 2000

Ch. Rime's Quonquering Hero UDX TDX MX AXJ JE a.k.a "Mr. Q"

I am sure my fame is so widespread that I need no introduction. But for those of you who may have been vacationing on Neptune for the past decade, I will recount a little background without the slightest trace of modesty. I’m Ch. Rime’s Quonquering Hero UDX TDX MX AXJ JE who has acquired more titles (without counting duplicates) than any other Westie in history. As a youngster, I started out with big wins at three specialties including Montgomery and finished easily. On the way, Pops and I took time out for tracking, which is our real love, so I also had my TD by the time I got my final point. Tracking was so much fun that we immediately focused on advanced tracking; and before the average dog could lick his tail, I had earned my TDX. Chasing rats was so much fun that I quickly earned my CG too.

Now this early success led to some serious soul searching on my part. I was already a Westie Club of America Versatile Dog Award so Pops’ goals had been met. If I did not find us a new activity pretty quickly, his attentions might wander to another dog and I would be relegated to sitting in the van with Alicia, watching my kennel mates get all the fun. We had been doing some simple obedience ever since I was a puppy, so that was an option. But did I really want to obey? It may surprise some of you innocent rug rats, but big people think the basic idea behind obedience is for the Westie to obey the owner (rather than the proper idea that the owner obeys the Westie). I was young and did not relish being locked-up in the van watching other dogs having all the fun in the tracking fields or in the training ring. That they would get the lion’s share of the treats while I only got the left over crumbs when they got back to the van convinced me that dramatic and heroic action was called for. So I planted the idea in Pops’ head that we could get ready and earn a CD leg at the California Specialty where we had won Best of Winners the year before.

For the next six years we focused on Obedience. At times it was a struggle to figure out the tricky exercises or to put up with Pop’s insistence that we do it his way. But eventually he figured out now to properly compensate a Westie (frequent jackpots of shrimp, liverwurst, French fries and cheese tortellini, and a big new toy for each run). So I earned the UDX and managed to look mighty handsome in the process. I also went to the AKC Invitational and earned an impressive placement.

So again it is decision time, should I retire and reap my "tax" while lounging in the van watching younger dogs do all the work? NO WAY! This is still a no-brainer. Agility looked a lot less stressful than obedience while providing ample opportunity for jackpots. In only 11 months, I had the AX and was looking forward to the MX. That took almost a year (Pops is a pretty good handler but they don’t call him "Wrong Way Willy" for nothing). And this January, I earned my final leg for the AXJ that is arguably the fastest all breed dog sport in America).

Our current objective is Earthdog. I had earned an AWTA Certificate of Gameness as a puppy, but then AKC instituted Earthdog that is based on AWTA pioneering activities. But by then I was too wise to the ways of the tunnel and refused to bark at the rats underground. I preferred to stare at them until they moved out of their cage where I could chomp them. Although this did not happen with the frequency I expected, it seemed worth the wait. However, after my MX, I let Pops clicker train me to bark in the tunnel and my recent JE proves what a handsome barker I can be.

I am now trying to figure out the more complicated senior tunnel - it is more of a maze than the junior tunnel and can be a little tricky to navigate. I’m having fun but it may take a little while to figure out this maze business. That is OK with me, as it is fun to bark at the rats and there are plenty of treats to compensate me for my unique handsomeness in the tunnel.

On cold winter nights after a good day of earning treats, I let Pops relax by the fire and contemplate what I have accomplished in my first twelve years:

- Most titled Westie of all time - 15 AKC titles
- TDX - Second Westie
- UDX - Third Westie
- AX, MX, OAJ & AXJ - Second Westie
- Triple X (UDX, TDX, MX) - first Terrier and eleventh of any breed
- Most Versatile Westie in Roving Specialty - 1999 (tops in four straight days of conformation, obedience, tracking and agility including going BIVS)
- First Westie to earn the coveted parent club’s Master of Versatility Award.

For personal memorabilia and to join the Mr. Q 2000 Patented Fan Club, write to Pops (a.k.a. Sil) and Anne Sanders, Rime Westies, 33101 44th Ave NW, Stanwood, WA 98292; 360-629-6434; sil@starband.net.