West Highland White Terrier Club of America

WHWTCA Spotlight on Performance - Fall 2002

Dawn Martin
Dawn's Highland Scots

Temperament, style, and performance have always been a key factor in the Westies bred by Dawn Martin. In the beginning AM CAN CH Royalscott’s Lady Abigail, AM CAN CD, CG the foundation bitch, began the tradition of willing, working Westies, by earning both annual obedience awards offered by the WHWTCA in 1983. She produced two Champion versatile sons, including AM CAN CH Dawn’s Up N’ Adam, AM CAN CDX, CG, from whom all the present day Westies, who carry the Dawn’s prefix, are descended. This was accomplished through a grand array of Adam’s wonderful daughters.

In the beginning there was Abigail.
A Versatile Westie & Matriarch to all the present day Westies at Dawn’s

Adam - AM CAN CH Dawn’s Up N’ Adam, AM CAN CDX, CG

- A top scorer in Obedience
- Group Winner
- Sire of 15 champions
- Versatile Westie

When Adam was bred back to his Great Grand Daughter AM CAN CH Dawn’s Kit N’ Kaboodle, CD, ME, the combination produced AM CAN CH Dawn’s Kop N’ A Plea, CD, ME. "Tonya", as she is known by her own personal fan club, has accomplished far more than a versatile Dog Award. She is a multiple specialty winner; a Top Ten ranked Westie Bitch in just 3 months of Best of Breed competition, Top Ranked Westie Brood Bitch in 1997, and Dame of 11 Champions of which 7 are specialty winners themselves. She continues to train today in agility and tracking. Is there a Versatile Dog Excellent in her near future?

Tonya - AM CAN CH Dawn’s Kop N’ A Plea, CD, ME, CG

- Versatile Westie
- Specialty Winner
- Dame of 11 Champions

Tonya on Track - our latest adventure!

She received her tracking certification on August 29, 2002, with Sue Ammerman at the end of the lead. She also enjoys agility. Who said you can’t teach old dog new tricks. You go girl!!

When AM CAN CH Dawn’s Kit N’ Kaboodle, CD, ME was bred to the famous Canadian dog, CH Cloudcroft’s Mulberry Punch, she produced the specialty winning brother sister team of Versatile Dog Excellent: CH Dawn’s Koz N’ Komotion, CD, AX, OAJ, ME and CH Dawn’s Free N’ Easy. Koz completed his championship shown exclusively at specialties from the Bred By Exhibitor class and is the first in the history of our breed to accomplish this feat. Top Ranked Westie Stud Dog in 1999 and is the proud sire of 20 champions. Koz enjoys tracking too!

Koz - CH Dawn’s Koz N’ Komotion, CD, ME, AX, OAJ

- Versatile Dog Excellent
- Top Stud Dog
- Specialty Winner
- Awarded the Most Versatile Westie at the Nationals 3 times

Specialty Winning Littermates Koz & Frisky

Sister Frisky is the only Westie bitch to have won back-to-back National Specialty Sweepstakes. She is the Dame of 6 champions; with her 3rd and final litter sired by CH Dawn’s Front N’ Center, AX AXJ SE, awaiting their day in the spotlight.

Sam - CH Dawn’s Front N’ Center, SE, AX, AXJ

- Versatile Dog Excellent
- Specialty Winner
- Top Ten Westie Dog

CH Dawn’s Front N’ Center, AX AXJ SE is a double Adam Great-grandson. A Top Ten Westie Dog, Sweepstakes, and Specialty winner, Sam excels in performance too! He earned all 6 agility titles in under a year and has garnered his first Mach points. He is currently training in obedience and tracking as he continues his agility career. Sam is only 3 years old. … Is there a Master Versatile dog in the making? Go Get Um Sam!!

Corky - CH Hayastan Highland King, CD, ME+ - co-owned with Lou Herczeg
This Adam son is a

- Group Winner
- Versatile Dog Excellent
- 1st Westie to earn a Master Earthdog title & a D level in Earthdog

Earthdog - Down & Dirty

Ms Kitty - AM CAN CH Dawn’s Kit N’ Kaboodle, CD, ME, CG

- 2nd Westie to earn a Master Earthdog title
- Versatile Westie
- Specialty Winner

To date there are:

- 11 Versatile Dogs
- 3 Versatile Dog Excellent

- 13 additional dogs bred at Dawn’s Highland Scots have performance titles at the end of their names.

Proud, you bet I am!

Performance has been a big part of my life for as long as I have owned Scotties & Westies. I have always enjoyed the time spent working with my dogs. It is my wish to see performance activities grow in the Westie population. Give it a try; you just might like it.

Dawn Martin