West Highland White Terrier Club of America

WHWTCA Spotlight on Performance - Spring 2006


2004 & 2005 saw the beginning of a new era for the West Highland White Terrier; a crossover of the Performance and Conformation Westie, which recognizes the impact a Stud Dog or Brood Bitch has in the Performance arena. I am pleased and proud to announce two of my dogs are the first recipients of the PROM & PROMX Awards.


PROM stands for Performance Register of Merit. For a Westie to acquire this award from the West Highland White Terrier Club of America, a Stud dog must sire a minimum of ten get with Performance Titles and of those ten, four must be Versatile Dog Award (VDA) recipients. A Brood Bitch must produce a minimum of five Performance Titled sons or daughters, of which two must hold the Versatile Dog Award (VDA). In addition the Stud Dog or Brood Bitch must be a Champion or have obtained the Versatile Dog Award. PROMX stands for Performance Register of Merit Excellent. The WHWTCA club took the PROM award one step higher by offering this additional title for those over achieving Stud Dogs and Brood Bitches. The rules are the same as for the PROM with the additional requirement that of the ten get for a Stud Dog, four must hold the Versatile Dog Excellent (VDX), four must have earned the Versatile Dog Award (VDA), and two must be additional Performance Titled sons or daughters. For the Brood Bitch the additional requirement is half that needed for the Stud dog.

Performance has always been a part of my life with dogs. My first Westie was Am/Can Ch Royalscot’s Lady Abigail, Am/Can CD CG who earned the Versatile Dog Award. Her son, Am/Can Ch Dawn’s Up N Adam, Am/Can CDX CG also earned the Versatile Dog Award. These two are behind all Dawn’s Highland Scots Westies. I have always encouraged people to give performance a try with their Westies. Being a mentor in the performance and conformation ring has been a wonderful and rewarding experience in my life. It has given me a wide circle of friends and the opportunity to show that sound in body and mind Westies can and do excel in all avenues of Performance. Gone are the days of the performance dogs being the left over pets in a litter of pups. Performance people have learned they need the benefit of a structurally sound dog. Many of my Specialty winners earn performance titles long before they become Champions. Give performance a try, the dogs will love you for the experience.

Sam (CH Dawn’s Front N’ Center, TD CD RE ME AX AXJ NAP OJP VCD1 ROM PROMX)was awarded the PROM in 2004 & the PROMX in 2005. He holds the Master Versatile Award (MVA) and is a Specialty Winner, siring Specialty Winning Versatile kids. Sam is the sire of 21 Champions.

*Ch Dawn’s Born N’ The USA CD TD JE RE
*Ch Dawn’s Cez ‘N The Moment CD NA SE OAP OJP RE
Ch. Dawn’s Share N’ The Luck TDX SE RE
Ch. Finishline’s Rolling Start SE NAP NJP RA VDA
*Ch. Dawn’s Maid N’ America TD SE RN
*Ch. Spirit’s Nice N’ Spicy TD JE RN
Ch. Bella Vista’s Gypsophila CGC VCD1
Ch. Dawn’s Southwestern Sunrise NA NAJ SE NAP NJP RN Additional Titles
Ch. Dawn’s Mischief N’ Mayhem RN
Bella Vista’s Devil In White NAP NJP
Finishline’s Chivas Maccloud TD JE
Finishline’s Crank It Up TD SE
FinishLine’s Evening Star TD SE
Finishline’s High Octane JE
FinishLine’s Mighty Roar JE

Frisky (CH Dawn’s Free N’ Easy, ROM PROMX) was awarded the PROM & PROMX in 2005. She is the first and only Westie Bitch to win Best in Sweepstakes at both Montgomery and the Roving National Specialties. Frisky is the dam of 10 Champions.

*Ch. Dawn’s Born N’ The USA CD TD JE RE
*Ch. Dawn’s Carey N’ On TD SE NAP RN VDA
*Ch. Dawn’s Roar N’ Rumble TD SE ROM
*Ch. Dawn’s Maid N’ America TD SE RN
Ch. Dawn’s Put N’ On The Glitz NJP RN
Additional Titles
Dawn’s Such A Smarty Pants NJP

Those dogs marked with * are Specialty Winners in addition to being performance dogs.