West Highland White Terrier Club of America

WHWTCA Judges Mentoring Program

Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Judges Mentoring Program is to provide education to current judges or to individuals who are applying to the American Kennel Club for a license to judge the West Highland White Terrier. Mentoring will be accomplished by using the current approved standard along with formal and informal presentations, handouts and ringside discussions. Only educational material approved by the WHWTCA will be used. This program will come under the jurisdiction of the Judges Education Committee, who is responsible for the development and updating of the presentation material, handouts and guidelines for mentors.

The Judges’ Education Chair must approve all “parent club approved” seminars and mentors.

Criteria for applying for the Judges Mentoring Program:

  1. Must have been a WHWTCA member in good standing for a minimum of 10 years.
  2. Must have been in good standing with the AKC for the previous 10 years.
  3. Must have had a minimum of at least 5 homebred litters with 4 homebred champions.
  4. Have knowledge of background, history, and function of the breed.
  5. Must have attended at least one sanctioned Judges’ Education Seminar.
  6. Preferably has a background as an AKC Judge or in judging the breed in sweepstakes and/or Sanctioned Matches.
  7. Breed mentors must have strong ethics, and their integrity and devotion to the breed must be above reproach. Promotion of individual living dogs or the mentor’s own breeding is strictly forbidden, plus show records should not be discussed.
  8. Said mentor must also have excellent communication skills with the ability to provide discussion based strictly on the interpretation of the standard in a clear, understandable and insightful manner.
  9. Must have the time available and willingness to attend shows, matches, or specialties to assist prospective judges with interpretation of the WHWT standard through ringside tutoring and/or hands on evaluation (following exhibition) and answering questions.
  10. Mentors must always be aware that they are the guardians of the breed and therefore be cognizant of keeping the welfare of our breed as their priority.

All mentors will be listed on the WHWTCA website according to their state so as to make it convenient for prospective judges to find someone in their area or wherever they may be attending a show.

Adopted by the Board on 03/17/07

DOWNLOAD Judges Mentoring Program Application (PDF)