Grooming Your Westie

Contributed By: Sandra J. Crawford
W.H.W.T.C.A. Health Committee

  1. Most Westies enjoy being groomed. Begin brushing and examining your Westie when it is very young. Be positive, patient and gentle.
  2. Grooming is a part of your Westie's general health care and hygiene routine. It includes brushing, combing, nail-clipping, ear and dental care, bathing and scissoring, stripping or clipping of hair coats.
  3. Regular grooming stimulates circulation, improves appearance and reduces shedding. It also enables you to discover lumps, lesions, cuts, scratches or external parasites.
  4. Use the proper grooming tools for the job. Consult your breeder, veterinarian or other pet professional for guidance.
  5. A full grooming may include a bath. Water for a Westie's bath should be tepid. Be sure to use a non-skid mat in the tub.
  6. Choose a shampoo that is specially formulated for Westie needs. Blow dry on warm/low setting or towel dry.
  7. Set aside a particular time and place for your regular grooming sessions.
  8. A waist-high table or bench with a rubber mat for your Westie to stand or lay on will make the grooming session more comfortable.
  9. Keeping your Westie well-groomed doesn't have to take a lot of time, especially if you do it regularly.
  10. To locate a professional groomer, ask your breeder or veterinarian, pet professional, friends or owners of Westies for a recommendation. Visit the shop before your appointment.


Any information contained on this site relating to training and behavior of Westies is for informational purposes only. The WHWTCA recommends that Westies undergo obedience training. For assistance in locating an obedience training club in your area, please consult the American Kennel Club's website at

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