West Highland White Terrier Club of America


Nose Work is a sport modelled on the scent detection skills used by police and military detection dogs but without the danger these valuable dogs face in real life. It requires the dog to detect the exact location of the source of a particular known scent in four different scenarios: Container, interior rooms, exterior and vehicle. The dog must pass all four scenarios in a day to earn a title which makes it a challenging test requiring consistent excellence. It is really a fun activity that Westies enjoy and which does not require as much physical activity by the handler as tracking.

The tests were created in 2010 and are administered by the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW). By September 2015, fourteen Westies earned their NW1 title, four earned their NW2 and one earned their NW3.

AKC has not recognized NACSW titles although they may do so sometime in the future. But the tests have all the same essential attributes as AKC tests and their titles are worthy of the same respect for the accomplishment they represent. The Club recognizes the titles within the Scenting category of their Versatile Dog Award program.

In the pictures below, on the left, Jim McCain's Quinn is "at source" in a vehicle search and Sil Sanders' QT is "at source" in an exterior search.