West Highland White Terrier Club of America

2017 Officers and Board of Directors

West Highland White Terrier Club of America, Inc. - AKC Club: 0569

WHWTCA Officers and Directors -- effective January 1, 2017

President: Tracy Pancost

Corresponding Secretary: Kristine Tarrer

Treasurer: Anne Sanders

Delegate to the AKC: Thomas Barrie

Immediate Past President: Lee Trudeau

First Vice President: Kathleen Farrell

Second Vice President: Louis Pacheco

Recording Secretary: Cathy Blacklock

Director, Class of 2017:  Naomi Brown

Director, Class of 2017:  Susan Chapman

Director, Class of 2017:  Jenny Auger-Maw

Director, Class of 2018:  Dr. Gerry Meisels

Director, Class of 2018:  Bob McCaskill, DVM

Director, Class of 2018:  Nancy Stolsmark

Director, Class of 2019: Patricia Fleming

Director, Class of 2019: Jan Parcel

Director, Class of 2019: Karen Shinoda