West Highland White Terrier Club of America
2015 WHWTCA Committees
Committee Member
Archivist      Chuck Trudeau [CT]
AKC Judge’s Legislative Liaison   Tom Barrie [TX]
AKC Judge’s Education   Gerry Meisels [FL]
AKC Public Education Liaison   
AKC Stud Book  Anne Sanders [WA]
Breeder Education, Chair  Gary Sackett [CA]
     Breeder Education Committee Member Bebe Pinter [TX]
     Breeder Education Committee Member  
     Breeder Education Committee Member Beverly Thompson [FL]
     Breeder Education Committee Member Naomi Brown [MA]
     Breeder Education Committee Member, Outreach   Marlene Burford [GA]
Columnist, AKC Gazette   Seymour Weiss [MD]
Conformation Evaluation, Chair Judy Arenz [OH]
     Conformation Evaluation Committee Member Mary Bell [NC]
     Conformation Evaluation Committee Member Cheryl Ferri [PA]
     Conformation Evaluation Committee Member Les Lee Johnston [TX]
     Conformation Evaluation Committee Member  
     Conformation Evaluation Committee Member  
     Conformation Evaluation Committee Member  
Fundraising Committee, Chair Charles Trudeau [CT]
     Fundraising Committee Member Lee Trudeau [CT]
     Fundraising Committee Member  
Futurity Committee, Chair David Butterfield [CA]
     Futurity Committee Member Kristine Tarrer [GA]
     Futurity Committee Member - Publicity James McGarr [CT]
     Futurity Committee Member Deborah Borgo [MO]
Finance, Chair   Tracy Pancost  [ KS]
   Finance, Chair   Ken Fodill [VA]
     Finance  Anne Sanders [WA]
Health, Chair    Kay McGuire [TX]
     Health Committee Member Bebe Pinter [TX]
     Health Committee Member Donna Hegstrom [FL]
     Health Committee Member Ann Marie Hollowathy [PA]
     Health Committee Member Jaime Miller [TX]
History Project, Chair Wayne Kompare [FL]
     History Project Committee Member Seymour Weiss [MD]
Judges’ Education, Chair  Melinda Lyon [KY]
     Judges’ Education Committee Member Dawn Martin [PA]
     Judges’ Education Committee Member Anne Sanders [WA]
     Judges’ Education Committee Member Lisa Pacheco [MA]
     Judges’ Education Committee Member Darlene Cox Davis [OK]
     Judges’ Education Committee Member Gerry Meisels [FL]
Junior/Youth Development, Chair  Angelia Jennings [GA]
Litter Listings, Chair  Bebe Pinter [TX]
     Litter Listings Committee Member (ex officio) Deborah Borgo [MO]
Membership Development, Chair Vonda Keuchler [KS]
     Membership List Coordinator Cathy Blacklock [OH]
National Specialty 2015  
     National Show Chair Tracy Pancost [KY]
     Agility Chair N/A 2015
     Barn Hunt Chair Dawn Martin [PA]
     Barn Hunt   
     Coursing Agility Chair  
     Obedience Chair Angie Jennings c/c [GA]
     Rally Chair Jill Grose co/c [AK]
     Tracking Chair Robin Teets [PA]
     Auction Chair  
     Annual Dinner  Cindy Laduko [DE]
     Annual Dinner  Patty Fleming [PA]
     Annual Dinner   
     Catalog Advertising Chair Les Lee Johnston [TX]
     Catalog Sales  
     Hospitality (Kimberton)  
     Luncheon (Kimberton) Cathy Blacklock [OH]
     Luncheon (Kimberton) Bob McCaskill [NC]
     RV Parking Coordinator Lou Pacheco [MA]
     RV Parking Coordinator  
     Regional Club Sales (Reservations & Setup) Chair Charles Trudeau [CT]
     Show Photographer (Kimberton)  
          Futurity Steward  
          Futurity Steward  
          Sweepstakes Steward  
          Sweepstakes Steward  
          MCKC Steward (Ring Board) Charles Trudeau [CT]
          MCKC Steward (Ring Board)  
          MCKC Steward (Bands & Catalogue Update) Lee Trudeau [CT]
          MCKC Steward (Judge Asst.) Kathy Farrell [PA]
     Storage at Kimberton and Inventory Charles Trudeau [CT]
     Trophy Chair 2015 Tracy Pancost [KY]
     Trophy Co-Chair 2015  
     Vendors Chuck Trudeau [CT]
Performance & Companion Events Chair Susan Chapman [IL]
     Trophies/Fundraising Susan Chapman [IL]
     Annual Awards/Agility expert Lysiane Huber [IN]
     Board Liaison/CAT expert Angelia Jennings [GA]
     MVWIS Sil Sanders [WA]
     Earthdog/Barn Hunt expert Karen Shinoda [CT]
      Title Awards Coordinator/Trophies/Fundraising/CGC expert Lorraine Pelter [NJ]
     Obedience & Rally expert Judy Baird [CA]
Rescue, Chair  Karen Spalding [VA]
     Rescue ,Board Liaison  Tom Barrie [TX]
     Kimberton Event Coordinator Kandy Merric [NY]
     Rescue Committee Member Sue Durcan [OH]
     Rescue Committee Member Stevann Wilson [TX]
     Rescue Committee Member Tina McCain [GA]
Registry of Merit (ROM)  Chair Ann Marie Holowathy [PA]
Show Rules, 2015 Chair   Vacant
     Show Rules 2015    Judy White  [ OH]
     Show Rules 2016  Paula Cohen [TX}
Twenty Five Year Member Chair Gloria Pasquini [ME]
Team Westie, Chair  Deborah Borgo [MO]
     Region 1 (CT,VT,NH,RI,MA,ME,NY)   Nickie Flynn [KS]
     Region 2 (LA,TX.OK,AR,MS,AL)   Paula Cohen [TX]
     Region 3 (WV,DE,OH,PA,MI,NJ)  Judy Arenz [OH]
     Region 4 (WI,IA,IL,SD,ND,MN,MT)  Anne Karrick [WI]
     Region 5 (DY,TN,KS,MO,NE,IN) Susan Hind  [TN]
     Region 6 (VA,NC,SC,GA,FL,MD)  Bob Byerly [IN]
     Region 7 (CO,UT,NV,NM,WY,ID)   Deborah Borgo [MO]
     Region 8 (CA,AK,HI,WA,OR,AZ)  Sharon Mork [WA]
Westie Chat List Administrator/Moderator   Cathy Blacklock [OH]
Website Editor  Lee Trudeau [CT]
Westie Imprint, Editor  in Chief  
     Advertising Editor  Dawn Martin [PA]
     Features Coordinator  Lisa Curry [NJ]
     Overseas Reporting  Naomi Brown [MA]
     Event Reporting Fred Askin [MD]
     Circulation Manager  Chuck Trudeau [CT]
    Commercial Advertising Don Peacock [MD]
    Marketing Linda Servin [MA]
Special Committees:  
2015 Yearbook Committee, Chair Helene Weiss [MD]
By-Laws Revision, Chair  Kathy Farrell [NJ]
     By-Laws Revision Committee Member Paula Cohen [TX]
Long Range Planning, Chair   inactive at this time
LRPC Member, Health    
LRPC Member, Judges’ Education  
LRPC Member, Performance  
LRPC Member, Publications    
LRPC Member, Rescue   
LRPC Member, Rules   
LRPC Member, Fundraising 



LRPC Member, Member Outreach   



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