West Highland White Terrier Club of America
2014 WHWTCA Committees
Committee Member
Archivist      Chuck Trudeau [CT]
AKC Judge’s Legislative Liaison   Tom Barrie [TX]
AKC Judge’s Education   Gerry Meisels [FL]
AKC Public Education Liaison  Mary Fiore [NY]
AKC Stud Book  Anne Sanders [WA]
Breeder Education, Chair  Gary Sackett [CA]
     Breeder Education Committee Member Bebe Pinter [TX]
     Breeder Education Committee Member Suebeth Jordan [AL]
     Breeder Education Committee Member Beverly Thompson [FL]
     Breeder Education Committee Member Naomi Brown [MA]
     Breeder Education Committee Member, Outreach   Marleen Burford [GA]
Championship Pins  Jutta Buchelle [AZ]
Columnist, AKC Gazette   Seymour Weiss [MD]
Conformation Evaluation, Chair Judy Arenz [OH]
     Conformation Evaluation Committee Member Mary Bell [NC]
     Conformation Evaluation Committee Member Marcia Harrison [OH]
     Conformation Evaluation Committee Member Cathy Blacklock [PA]
     Conformation Evaluation Committee Member Cheryl Ferri [PA]
     Conformation Evaluation Committee Member Dawn Martin [PA]
     Conformation Evaluation Committee Member Les Lee Johnston [TX]
    Conformation Evaluation Committee Member Lori Tuttle [IL]
Fundraising Committee, Chair Lee Trudeau [CT]
     Fundraising Committee Member Chuck Trudeau [CT]
     Fundraising Committee Member Nancy Staab [WV]
Futurity Committee, Chair David Butterfield [CA]
     Futurity Committee Member Kristine Tarrer [GA]
     Futurity Committee Member - Publicity James McGarr [CT]
     Futurity Committee Member Deborah Borgo [MO]
Finance, Chair   Tracy Pancost  [ KS]
     Finance (ex officio)  Susan Napady [IN]
     Finance  Ken Fodill [VA]
Health, Chair    Kay McGuire [TX]
     Health Committee Member Bebe Pinter [TX]
     Health Committee Member Donna Hegstrom [FL]
     Health Committee Member SueBeth Jordan [AL]
     Health Committee Member Helene Fiore [NY]
     Health Committee Member Patty Marks [PA]
     Health Committee Member Ann Marie Hollowathy [PA]
History Project, Chair Wayne Kompare [FL]
     History Project Committee Member Wendall Maramuto [ MN]
     History Project Committee Member Mary Bradley [CA]
     History Project Committee Member Seymour Weiss [MD]
     History Project Committee Member Susan Napady [IN]
     History Project Committee Member Betty Williams [KY]
     History Project Committee Member Marty Replogle [FL]
Judges’ Education, Chair  Melinda Lyon [KY]
     Judges’ Education Committee Member Dawn Martin [PA]
     Judges’ Education Committee Member Marlene Burford [GA]
     Judges’ Education Committee Member Gerry Meisels [FL]
Junior/Youth Development, Chair  Angelia Jennings [GA]
Litter Listings, Chair  Bebe Pinter [TX]
     Litter Listings Committee Member (ex officio) Deborah Borgo [MO]
Membership Development, Chair Robin Teets [PA]
     Membership List Coordinator Patricia Gama [OH]
National Specialty 2014  
     National Show Chair (ex officio) Lee Trudeau [CT]
     Agility Chair Lysiane Huber [IN]
     Barn Hunt Chair Dawn Martin [PA]
     Barn Hunt  Joe Mazur [PA]
     Coursing Ability Chair Angelia Jennings [GA]
     Obedience Chair Judy Baird [CA]
     Rally Chair Judy Baird [CA]
     Tracking Chair/Secretary Robin Teets [PA]
     Auction Chair Marlene Vitaletti [PA]
     Annual Dinner  Susan McNamara [PA]
     Annual Dinner  Patty Fleming [PA]
     Annual Dinner  Cindy Ladutko [DE]
     Catalog Advertising Chair Kay McGuire [TX]
     Catalog Sales Robin Teets [PA]
     Hospitality (Kimberton) Sande Fisher [PA]
     Luncheon (Kimberton) Cathy Blacklock [OH]
     RV Parking Coordinator  Lorraine Pelter  [NJ/FL] 
     RV Parking Coordinator Lou Pacheco [MA]
     Regional Club Sales (Reservations & Setup) Chair Charles Trudeau [CT]
     Show Photographer (Kimberton) pending
          Futurity Steward Kristine Tarrer [GA]
          Futurity Steward Jody Brinley [PA]
          Sweepstakes Steward Kristine Tarrer [GA]
          Sweepstakes Steward Jody Brinley [PA]
          MCKC Steward Susan Napady [IN]
          MCKC Steward Nancy Staab [WV]
          MCKC Steward Lee Trudeau [CT]
          MCKC Steward Kathy Farrell [PA]
     Storage, Transportation, and Inventory Bette Carroll [PA]
     Storage, Transportation, and Inventory Kathy Farrell [PA]
     Trophy Chair 2014 Kathy Latz [NJ] 
     Trophy Chair 2014 Pat Kay [IN]
     Vendor Chair Chuck Trudeau [CT]
Performance & Companion Events Chair Susan Chapman [IL]
     Trophies/Fundraising Susan Chapman [IL]
     Annual Awards/Agility expert Lysiane Huber [IN]
     Board Liaison/CAT expert Angelia Jennings [GA]
     Tracking/MVWIS/Therapy Dog expert Sil Sanders [WA]
     Earthdog/Barn Hunt expert Karen Shinoda [CT]
      Title Awards Coordinator/Trophies/Fundraising/CGC expert Lorraine Pelter [NJ]
     Obedience & Rally expert Judy Baird [CA]
Rescue, Chair  Karen Spalding [VA]
     Rescue ,Board Liaison  Tom Barrie [TX]
     Kimberton Event Coordinator Kandi Merric [NY]
     Rescue Committee Member Sue Durcan [OH]
     Rescue Committee Member Stevann Wilson [TX]
     Rescue Committee Member Tina McCain [GA]
Registry of Merit (ROM)  Chair Ann Marie Holowathy [PA]
Show Rules, 2017 Chair   Susan Napady [IN]
     Show Rules 2014  Paula Cohen [TX]
     Show Rules 2015    Judy White  [ OH]
     Show Rules 2016  Gwen Law [MD]
     Show Rules 2017 pending
Twenty Five Year Member Chair Gloria Pasquini [ME]
Team Westie, Chair  Deborah Borgo [MO]
     Region 1 (CT,VT,NH,RI,MA,ME,NY)   Nickie Flynn [KS]
     Region 2 (LA,TX.OK,AR,MS,AL)   Paula Cohen [TX]
     Region 3 (WV,DE,OH,PA,MI,NJ)  Judy Arenz [OH]
     Region 4 (WI,IA,IL,SD,ND,MN,MT)  Anne Karrick [WI]
     Region 5 (DY,TN,KS,MO,NE,IN) Susan Hind  [TN]
     Region 6 (VA,NC,SC,GA,FL,MD)  Bob Byerly [IN]
     Region 7 (CO,UT,NV,NM,WY,ID)   Deborah Borgo [MO]
     Region 8 (CA,AK,HI,WA,OR,AZ)  Sharon Mork [WA]
Westie Chat List Administrator/Moderator   Nancy Staab [WV]
Website Editor  Lee Trudeau [CT]
Westie Foundation Board 2014 Ann Marie Holowathy [PA]
Westie Foundation Board 2014 Nancy Stolsmark (AZ)
Westie Imprint, Editor  in Chief Nancy Staab [WV]
     Advertising Editor  Dawn Martin [PA]
     Features Coordinator  Lee Trudeau [CT]
     Overseas Reporting  Naomi Brown [MA]
     Event Reporting Susan Chapman [IL]
     Circulation Manager  Chuck Trudeau [CT]
Special Committees:  
2015 Yearbook Committee, Chair Helene Weiss [MD]
By-Laws Revision, Chair  Susan Napady [IN]
     By-Laws Revision Committee Member Paula Cohen [TX]
Long Range Planning, Chair   Kathy Farrell [PA]
LRPC Member, Health   Ann Marie Holowathy [PA]
LRPC Member, Judges’ Education Dawn Martin [PA]
LRPC Member, Performance Jody Brinley [PA]
LRPC Member, Publications   Nancy Staab [WV]
LRPC Member, Rescue  Stevann Wilson [TX]
LRPC Member, Rules  Susan Napady [IN]
LRPC Member, Fundraising  Lee Trudeau [CT]
LRPC Member, Member Outreach  Lee Trudeau [CT]



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