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Westie Imprint

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Imprint Volunteers

- Features Coordinator and Contributor: Lisa Curry NJ, lmcurry@gmail.com
- Advertising Coordinator: Dawn Martin PA, westie@ptd.net
- Commercial Advertising: Donald Peacock MD, dpeacock680@yahoo.com
- Marketing Manager: Linda Servin MA, lindajservin@comcast.net
- National and Roving Show Results: Fred Askin MD, faskin@jhmi.edu
- Regional Club Coordinators (results and news): Jenny Auger Maw NM, jennyaugermaw@gmail.com & Kenny Fodill VA, heattman@msn.com
- Text Coordinator & Circulation Manager: Charles Trudeau CT, ctrudeau@optonline.net

All text sent via Email to: Charles Trudeau Text Coordinator


a plain text document or MS Word document. Any figures and photos will need to be submitted as separate hi-resolution files, and not within the document.

The quarterly deadlines for submission of text for the publication are as follows:

Spring February 15, Summer May 15, Fall August 15 and Winter November 15.

All ads sent via Email- westie@ptd.net


Ad Size is 8.25" X 10.75"

Advertising Rates

Front Cover $ 400
Back Cover $ 375
Inside Front Cover $ 350
Inside Back Cover $ 350
Color page $ 250
Black & White page $ 95
Business Card (2.125" X 3.75") $ 40
Business Card 1 Yr $ 125

Commercial Color $ 600
1 year pre paid $1,600

All ads must be submitted as a press ready .tiff preferred or .jpg file that is at least 300 dpi and of corresponding dimensions.

Size: Page size is 8.25" x 10.75"

Keep all type and images at least 1/2" away from all sides. Front and Back Covers and both inside covers: are full color and full bleed

Full Bleed Ads: add 1/8" to the page size on all four sides. 8.5" X 11" All camera ready ads are to be submitted via Email as an attachment by the published deadline.

No exceptions.


Payment must be received within 10 days of ad submittal.

All payments "WHWTCA" are to be submitted to:

Dawn Martin, Advertising Coordinator
141 Tittle Road
Saylorsburg, PA 18353

westie@ptd.net - All ads sent via Email

The quarterly deadlines for submission of ads for the publication are as follows:

Spring February 28, Summer May 31, Fall August 31 and Winter November 30.