West Highland White Terrier Club of America

Westie University

Welcome to Westie University, the place to learn about all things Westie. Over the coming months, there will be lessons posted about various Westie related topics including: Conformation, Show Ring Etiquette, Earth Dog, Agility, Rally, Obedience, Tracking, Lure Coursing, and many more.

Each learning module will include links to study material and a quiz. If you complete all the modules with a passing score you will receive a W.S. Diploma (that’s Westie Science) from Westie University.

To get credit for a module, complete the quiz and email the answers (either just email the question # and answer or scan and email) to westieu@westieclubamerica.com.

Module #1, Conformation

(Other modules will be added as topics are available).

Westie University Board of Trustees:
Gary Sackett, Chair
Bebe Pinter
Beverly Thompson
Naomi Brown
SueBeth Jordan