West Highland White Terrier Club of America

Litter Listing Service

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The West Highland White Terrier Club of America DOES NOT recommend, guarantee, endorse, nor rate breeders, their kennels, or their stock.

The Litter Listing Committee strongly encourages persons interested in obtaining a puppy to discuss questions openly with selected breeder(s) and to refer to the web pages for the WHWTCA’s Health Committee for important information and educational materials.

If a puppy is not available using the Litter Listing Service, please continue to reference the service for new and/or revised listings. Also, consider contacting breeders on the Breeder Resource List to establish cordial relationships necessary to learn about future litters.

If you are successful in finding that special puppy, we welcome you to the world of Westie fanciers. Please use the puppy’s breeder and the WHWTCA web site as a continuing resource for information and support.

(Listed alphabetical by state)

Name:  Bonnie West
Kennel:  Windsong
Phone:  954-257-1300
E-Mail:  Bonnie1946@aol.com
Litter Information:
Date Whelped:  07/15/18
Males:  2
Females:  0
Sire:  CH Windsong Saltire
Dam:  MAG's A Wee Dram
Other Information:
Two males available.
listed on Nov 15, 2018

Name:  Carol Medrzycki
Kennel: Starrcrest
Phone: 903-268-1863
E-mail: wagytails10@gmail.com
Litter Information:
Date Whelped:  08/21/18
Males:  3
Females:  1
Sire:  Bajkopsarz from Van Abigues
Dam:  Shocase Lavender Blue
Other Information:
Very healthy pups. All 2 pounds or over at four weeks.
listed on Oct 1, 2018